Caitlin Kruger (

Caitlin is excited to be the coach of 12D this season! She has completed her NCCP Swimming 201 certification and is always keen to apply that knowledge to the training/competing environment. Caitlin has completed a Bachelor's of Health and Physical Education and is now pursuing her second degree and Masters in Cultural Anthropology. 

Caitlin's experience as a swimmer includes Ontario Provincial and Eastern level meets, and swimming varsity with the University of Ottawa. 

Caitlin's three main focuses within the training plan include: technical stroke development, emotional/psychological development, and developing life skills. Technical stroke development is focusing on being smarter in the water and creating efficient strokes with impeccable technique. A well rounded repertoire of strokes and distances is ideal. Emotional/psychological development will focus on stress/nerve management, developing a mind-body connection, and being a supportive teammate. Life skills that can be translated from swimming to life include time management, organization and communication skills. 

She is excited to start back in the pool with what will be her fifth season at UCSC! 

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